Irene S.

To the caregivers and staff, This is on behalf of, and in memory of my Aunt Kimiko. We sincerely and gratefully thank you for all the days of loving and kind care with which you ministered to Kimi at Kei-AI.

The H. Family

The H. Family is deeply appreciative of the excellent care for Mr. H. So Many of you gave your “ALL” in meeting his challenges, especially walking!! Our sincere thanks and appreciation.

Carol T.

To the staff of the Business Office, We will always be grateful to you for your patience in helping us understand the myriad of paperwork needed for the care of our Aunt. You were so kind as we grappled with the legalese of her care. We will forever be in your debt.

Doris S.

Please thank your wonderful and kind nursing staff from station two who took gentle and helpful care of my dear husband. We are so grateful for the entire staff... I wish all of you continued good health and keep up the good all of you are doing to help the residents at Kei-Ai. Bless all of you!!

Creighton O.

Thank you so much for the amazing and loving care you gave to my mom, Shizue O. Words cannot express how much I appreciate all of you for what you have done. Your warm heartfelt compassion given to my mom is really everything I could wish for her. From the beginning to end, your love and care brought peace and comfort. All of you care so much and all of you matter and make a difference. A million thanks to everyone! I wish you all God’s best! Continue to let your light shine. You are special! And you matter to people like my mom!

A. and Family

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the joy and compassionate care each of you extended to our mother. Every smile, every touch, every connection meant a great deal. Our mom was happy and content here and we are thankful for each of you. You brought peace and comfort to her final years.

Helen Y.

My husband, Hisashi Y., is being discharged today and I want to thank the staff for the excellent care he received while he was here. He wasn’t an easy patient but all the nurses and therapists took very good care and their patience helped him progress. Thank you again for the efficient and caring service he received. We’ll surely miss everyone!

Mieko Y. and Family

Thank you all very much for taking such good care of our mom, Mieko Y. We were so impressed with the friendliness and care received from the staff. It helped make mom’s recovery a pleasant one. Mom really enjoyed her stay and will miss every one of you. Thank you again!